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Friends of the Industry and the Industry Advancement Fund

The Industry Advancement Fund was created in 2007 as a means to collect contributions for special projects benefitting the fire sprinkler industry outside the normal budgetary activities of the National Fire Sprinkler Association. The category of "Friends of the Industry" was created in 2008 to allow a variety of individuals, companies and organizations to show their support for the fire sprinkler concept even if they were not directly involved in the industry. In 2013 these two programs were consolidated, such that all monies collected from Friends of the Industry go to the Industry Advancement Fund, and all "Friends" are considered members of the fund and eligible to serve as fund trustees.

Fire sprinkler systems have proven themselves as the best defense against the loss of life and property to unfriendly fire, with the ability to make up for a wide range of other fire protection deficiencies. So it is not surprising that the roster of Friends of the Industry includes a great variety of lawyers, teachers, accountants and others who are familiar with the excellent track record of sprinklers and the need to promote the fire sprinkler message.

How are the contributions of Friends of the Industry and other Industry Advancement Funds used? The fund trustees review requests and award grants where they believe they will do the most good. Over the years funding has gone to programs such as Newspapers in Education to support fire sprinkler messages, to fire service organizations undertaking sprinkler promotional efforts, and to an allied non-profit group known as Common Voices. This organization was formed by individuals who have lost loved ones in fires in buildings not protected by automatic sprinkler systems. Knowing that fire sprinkler systems would have prevented their personal tragedies, they are the most effective spokespeople for fire sprinklers. They hope to make the world a safer place for others, and advocate a wide variety of local, state, and federal initiatives that would lead to wider use of fire sprinkler systems.

Please take the time to become a "Friend of the Industry" and lend support to the work of Common Voices and other worthwhile programs. Or consider a separate gift to the Industry Advancement Fund, knowing that your gift will be used to promote the cause of improved fire safety.

GOLD LEVEL-Recommended Contribution $500

SILVER LEVEL-Recommended Contribution $250

BRONZE LEVEL-Recommended Contribution $100



Richard Ackley, Dalmatian Fire, Inc. – IAF Trustee

Russell Fleming, National Fire Sprinkler Association – IAF Trustee

Bruce LaRue, Potter Electric Signal Company – IAF Trustee


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